Life is a Dance

Ah, the magic of a chosen perspective.

We hear the expression life is a journey. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said; “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

However, journey begins at a moment in time and ends in the future. If the only reality is the present moment, there is no journey. Just here and now. Further a journey involves a “destination”. This means you have to have a plan and it involves carrying baggage .ie. things you need in the future. Isn’t amazing how much baggage we carry!
Ram Dass has commented no one ever has told us what happens when we reach our destination. “What is the “There” we are trying to get to?”
Wayne Dyer commented: We are always on a journey seeking. However, we never seem to arrive. What is arrival? Why can we not just arrive and “be”
Wayne Dyer went on to says: Life is a dance and the purpose of a dance is not to get across the room. It is to dance, twirl, spin, dip and enjoy moving with the flow. The only reality is “this dance” …this moment…the present moment. Journey involves traveling in time and space. Dance involves dancing and going nowhere and time usually is never an issue. Some time we never want the dance to end.
And “You” always have this dance! Alone or with someone! You can always just dance! Some days a quiet waltz, or a fun polka. Some days a sensual tango! Other days …just twirling!

Here is my thought: “I keep dancing”.

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