Everything You Want is on The Other Side of Fear!

Roland Steinle

I am certified by FOUNDATION for HOLISTIC LIFE

I completed Alan Cohen’s Holistic Life Coaching Certification Program.

In addition to life coaching Roland Steinle practices and teaches meditation, ayurvedic lifestyle, and yoga. He is certified to teach all three disciplines as a Vedic Educator certified by the Chopra Center University, created by Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD and Dr. David Simon, MD.  He completed Davidji’s Meditation Academy’s Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training Certification and Deeper Still Advanced Teacher Certification.

He initially found his path in 2007 after a session in Primordial Sound Meditation with Sarah McLean in Sedona, later enjoying several of her weekend retreats, he then attended workshops by Byron Katie and retreats at the Chopra Center. He also has taken courses in intuitive energy and multi-sensory awareness from Marie Manuchehri.  His life coaching combines all of these influences with the goal of helping people find a  balance life and  create wellness in their lives.


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