Davidji Six Stages of Meditation

While the present moment is a space of timelessness, it also is fluid and can have many ebbs and flows as we continue connecting to it.

🧘 Stage 1 is Settling – remember that Comfort is Queen! 👑 We will never get to be fully present if we are busy thinking about all the ways in which we are uncomfortable.

🧘 Stage 2 is Witnessing. Once we settle in, we begin to witness all that is going on within.

🧘 Stage 3 is Drifting. This is a very natural occurrence and it happens because we are human! Our attention drifts around to sounds, thoughts, or physical sensations in the body.

🧘 Stage 4 is Judging. Eek! This is where our inner critic comes into play. But when we allow that inner voice to tamper down, we can enter into the next stage.

🧘 Stage 5 is Surrender. Finally! We have gotten past all of the things listed above.

🧘 Stage 6 is Stillness. We have reached our destination! This is where we enter into what I like to call ‘The Gap’.


And as you flow through your meditation, you will notice yourself going into and out of all of these stages! Let yourself be curious about what you find within each stage, and you will begin to know yourself on a deeper and more profound level.

I’ll see you in The Gap!


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