5 Secrets of the Sweetspot


The Five Secrets of the Sweetspot is a topic that I cover in my book Secrets of Meditation. My post-meditation ritual includes me drifting my awareness to five personal expressions of the universe that I would like more of in my life:
✅ Patience
✅ Acceptance
✅ Defenselessness
✅ Compassion
✅ Abundance

I repeat each one over and over for about a minute and then drift to the next. Each of these expressions also provides the perfect closure to my morning meditation practice and helps me to evolve my transition into my time off of the meditation cushion.

For the next few weeks, each Friday I’ll cover a different “secret” of the Sweetspot. Today, let’s look at Defenseless.

Defenselessness is the state of universality when there is no need or urge to defend or promote yourself. When you are defenseless, nothing can be taken personally because there is no person or ego to defend.

Being defenseless is not about being weak, and it’s not a state that can only be experienced in meditation. It’s about trusting so completely that you realize ‘tat tvam asi’ – “you are that” – every face you see is a reflection of yours and everything you see is an expression of you. You are simply the
witness to all things coming and going. Ask yourself if you’ve been defending in your life lately. If so, what are you defending? Why are you defending? Isn’t this just a way for us to publicly or privately display our strength or power? Or to disguise our fear, our weaknesses, or our insecurities? When we defend, it’s our chance to exhibit our knowledge of things we think we know or show our grasp of some information. And in most cases, it makes us even more rigid in our opinion. As the Buddhist nun Pema Chodron teaches, “the truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new.” Take this concept of defenselessness into your weekend with you. Let me know your insights in the comments below!


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