Big Wave/Little Wave


Jillian Pransky shared a story from Rabbi Jeff Roth. As I settle in for sleep, it’s still resonating and I thought I’d share …


“Two waves are hanging out together in the sea,

A big wave and a little wave.

And the big wave is anxious and scared.

The little wave says, ‘Why are you so afraid?’

And the big wave says, ‘If you could see what I see,

you’d be afraid, too. Up ahead of us there are some cliffs,

And I can see where we’re going—

Every wave in front of us goes up to those cliffs,

And smashes into them, and disappears.’


“And the little wave smiles and says,

‘If you could see what I see, you wouldn’t be afraid.’

And the big wave asks, ‘What’s that?’

And the little wave says, ‘We’re not waves—we’re water.’”


We’re not waves … we’re water.


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