Soul Perspective

Soul PERSPECTIVE…Moving from caterpillars to butterflies!

Elizabeth Winkler calls this “Moving from Role to Soul”.

What is your core perspective?

Ram Dass teaches the real question is what will my next expression be? Will I move from the “Ego Perspectives” where everything is measure by achievement and accumulation of things to the “Soul Perspectives” or what he calls a path of wisdom? A soul perspective is where “what have you accomplished today” is replaced by “what special moment am I grateful for in this moment”.

Ram Dass describes the “Soul Perspective” as moving into living in the world where I am measuring my life by the moments I have experienced in the present moment. He comments in his book, “Still Here that as I enter my next expression, I move from Ego perspectives to Soul Perspectives …what he calls a path of wisdom. As I become more present, time will be measured in moments not minutes. Can the moment be enough? Can I come to that place where I look for nothing, expect nothing, desire nothing, there is nothing to consume, nothing to attain? That place where time pauses and my thinking slows. The veil between me and the moment falls …the past & future melt into now. I do not have to travel to find it. It does not need a guru to find it. Awareness is at my fingertips if I stop and pay attention to the miracles that dance around us. However, as long as I am being time bound, I am mostly blind to what is unfolding in every moment present I will tend to treat the present moment like a bad commuter day. I grumble or loudly complain…will this never end. I need to get going so I can get “there”.

Ram Pass went on to comment “Often the perspectives about yourself and the universe that you arrive at through meditation make you want to giggle or laugh. This giggle is without malice. It’s a cosmic giggle, one that I identify with my guru, Maharaj-ji. For his giggle was not of this world. It was not a social or personality giggle, but rather a cosmic chuckle, the delight in the fun of it all. His giggle was from the plane that gives us the term “lila,” the divine dance of life.”

It is a move from “Prison to Prism”.  (Elizabeth Winkler)


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