The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man represents the universal principle of recognizing and awakening to repetitive patterns that bind, limit, and restrict our growth and evolution.

The Hanged Man is the pattern-breaker. In order to break limiting patterns, it is often necessary to take a distinctly different posture, or stance, such as turning ourselves up-side-down to get another view of a restrictive pattern or stuck place in consciousness that is being experienced.

The Hanged Man represents that state of consciousness which requires that we move beyond ego and trust the deeper aspects of who we are. This is the state of surrender and acceptance which is the preliminary step required before we can free ourselves from destructive and limiting patterns that we experience in our lives. Often this symbol might be viewed as the crucifixion of the ego or of egoic patters which are no longer constructive. The universal symbol associated with repetitive patterns is the labyrinth, represented by the squares within the squares within the background of this card. To use modern-day terms, the Hanged Man reminds us that our “hang-ups” can either prevent our growth and evolution or they can serve to teach us where we need to free ourselves from undue self-im-posed limitations. This symbol ultimately teaches us that there are always many more options, solutions, and perspectives to consider than those in which we are currently invested.
Often, when we experience

Often, when we experience ourselves being bound or limited, there is a sense of being numb, asleep, depressed, or blind.
The sleeping snakes remind us that nothing is renewed or regenerated when we are fixated or stuck. The Egyptian Ankh (the reversed cross holding the foot of the Hanged Man)
symbol of unlimited life force, constantly accessible for creative use.

With an Attitude of Gratitude!


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