Who is in Your Front Row

Only those people that are rooting for me are in my front row.  Special people who are available physically emotionally and spiritually.

Dictionary defines “root”

intr.v. root·ed, root·ing, roots

  1. To give audible encouragement or applause to a contestant or team; cheer. See Synonyms at applaud.
  2. To give moral support to someone; hope for a favorable outcome for someone.

Davidji asks the question:

“Who’s in your front row? Essentially, who are your die-hard supporters, your cheerleaders, and your champions? Those are the relationships you should be placing the most attention on. But are you? When you stumble, who is rooting for you to get back up? Are there people in your front row who don’t belong there? Do you rationalize that because someone is a relative of yours, you are willing to compromise your self-worth?

Are there people in your circle of friends or relatives who just seem to be taking up space, blocking new champions from taking their seats in your front row?

We let people into our heads that we would never invite into our homes. And yet there they are, sitting firmly on their hands in the best seats in the house, when everyone else in the theater is on their feet and applauding you. 🤯

🔆 Close your eyes with your hand on your heart, and think of and envision everyone you possibly can filling seats in the theater of your life. Then write in your journal what flows to you:

👉🏽 Who’s in your front row? The second row? The next row?

👉🏽 Are there people taking up space who probably could be moved back a few rows to make room for someone else?

👉🏽 Are there those who probably should be moved to another theater?

👉🏽 Are there people rooting for you that you haven’t made space for?”

We can move people into the “front row” and we can “move some back to the second or third row.  Maybe all the way back and up in the balcony.  He reminds use “just because we share DNA with people does not mean they are in the “front row”!


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